Dragon and Horse?

In this post, I am gonna share one word which was used throughout the Chinese society. 

Literally it means "The vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse ". It was pronounced as "Lung (Dragon) Ma(Horse)  Jing Sheng(Spirit)" /  "Long Ma Jing Sheng (Pinyin)"

What does it really mean?
Overall it means "wish someone good health and success combined as a great compliment."These four characters are often accompanied by four more which mean, "...and the power and prestige of the tiger". Here I am just offering the first part which is considered the short version. Teehee!

By giving a wall scroll like this to someone, you were either wishing or telling them that they have an amazing quality. There is also a suggestion of good health - at least anyone with the vigor of a dragon horse, would seem to also be in good health.

February desktop wallpaper design for you guys featuring the phrase above!
Download it HERE (1920x1080)