My Life in "HD"

Aloha everyone! might think I am actually explaining my life in the biggie screen right? 
But it's something which what me and my friends taught of while we were chit chatting at the Mamak stall the other day~

Read on!

Have you ever wonder that the word H.D revolves around you since you were young? Well I do! 

Seriously, I don't even want my life to end like that! At least it's not P.H.D (Permanent Head Damage) But when life is hard, everyday I must make it a Happy Day! Yes it's kinda challenging for me but once you got it its definitely worth doing it!

Guess how many H.D's I've spoken from the short comic above? 
And do you have any more ideas to H.D? Reply on the comments below!
And don't leave comments on the Help Desk! hehe...joking!

And here were some awesome people who added the H.D who commented below!

"Hard Die" - By Fish @
"Horny Days" - By Merryn @


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