Nuffnang's 5th Birthday/Anniversary

Went to Nuffnang's 5th Anniversary/Birthday celebration at Neverland Club (feels m 5 years younger weee!) and It was awesome! I get to met with some notable bloggers and managed to capture a few photos!

Anyways, it was great to be able to attend such a memorable event! 

There were more photos to be uploaded but... but...

Ok ok...that cupcake photo above took about an hour to upload! =.= 
(Dun tell me it's Natsuko's revenge on me...)

Anyways, I will be uploading all of the photos on my pagie, you can follow it below:

Anyways, apologize for the late upload..... in the meantime, wishing Nuffnang a happy, awesome, wonderful, cute, crazy, fun 5th Birthday! and to rest of the bloggers, glad to meet all of you! XD