Supermoon this Saturday!

As Asians celebrate Wesak Day on this day, NASA also observed this day as one of the important day in 2012...why? This May’s full moon concurs with its perigee, the closest position to Earth. It will be 221,802 miles, 356,955 kilometers, from the planet, giving people a magnificent sight of an extra-large, extra-brilliant moon, dubbed supermoon, formerly, super moon! 

So what's special about it? The Super Moon can be seen in a naked eye and it was so near that even a normal zoom lens camera can capture it! Some scientists also have theories that the full moon can effect human behavior (How this theory works? As the moon brings high and low tides, human have 80% water in their bodies right?) --> check this article out: CLICK HERE

What do you think of this Saturday's supermoon? Will you go out and snap a photo of it (Most probably I will!) and do you think that the Moon can effect human's behavior?