M back! ~

Hey everyone! It's been a month since my last update! Here's what I've done for the past one month...well, I had been sketching and taking photos with Instagram with my mobile...most were doodles, and was updated almost daily, you can follow me at @kendykun or http://statigr.am/kendykun or just look for the hashtag #kendylife (NOT TO MENTION MY BIRTHDAY WAS ON 22ND JUNE!)
Besides that, I also organized my studio 1st annual dinner of the year, which was held twice in a year. Generally is to appreciate and celebrate the successful projects I've done or collaborate with other people- small or big... doesn't matter, as long everyone was happy :)
Last but not least...I am back into photography, in which I was inactive for the past 6 months!

Well, is kendylife dead? Nehh!! I am currently planning on a new layout for this page (webpage that is...) , so stay tuned as it will be released by 3rd week of July! Once again, thanks everyone for your support on kendylife! :3

Kendy a.k.a house88kend