Malaysia's 1st Comic Bloggers Gathering!

Finally it's up! (sorry for the delay hehe).....
So....attended Malaysia's first Comic Bloggers Gathering last week! All thanks to Nuffnang for organizing this and also not to forget CAFFEine, our venue provider! Went there a little earlier with Wai Kit from and the first thing I saw was the sign of CAFFEine!
oh yea....Coffeeeeeeee ~~
There were many cute things around the cafe so yea, I took Natsuko (CLICK here to know about HER) out and snap a few photos of her XD
Tadaaa! Natsuko with CAFFEine!
Here were the delicious tea break, all thanks to CAFFEine!~
And finally, Ernest arrived together with Chee Ching, and before they begin their speech, I managed to capture Ernest holding his cartoon! :)
And what did I spotted?  LOL....Anyways back to the topic lol, the sharing session was awesome!
 First by Ernest from bro,don't like that la, bro
 Next is Chee Ching from cheechingy
 Well, many awesome bloggers turned out and I've met a few as well...(Sorry to be super uber shy)
 And below were the best shots I've captured (I think lah hehe..)
 And also a sneak peak of Wai Kit !

Tadaa~ the canvas with all of us in it, can u spot me and Natsuko in there?

And yes, Ernest and the awesome Sarah! 

Lastly, say hi to Ernest!

In conclusion, this gathering was great and well, at least m learning how to beat my "shy"ness by meeting a few new friends~ I hope events like this will have in the future, bigger, better and more awesomeness!

Meanwhile at CAFFEine....
I almost forgot her... (>3<)

For more photos, view it HERE

Once again, thanks Nuffnang and CAFFEine for the awesome evening and nice to meet all the bloggers!

Hmm...time for bed... nites everyone :P