8 Years of awesomeness~

Aloha everyone!

Sorry for being inactive for almost a month! (psst...had been travelling like a boss...teehee!)

On 11th January 2013 is the day that my blogs (Yes, I mean blogs) turned 8! You may be wondering since when I have a few blogs? Well, initially I opened an art blog exactly 8 years ago (11th January 2005) in yahoo, then I switched to blogger on 2007 and it's still going on till today! Eight years go by really fast and I would like to thank everyone who has supported my photography, artwork, films and most of all, my doodles and comic works!

To commemorate this 8th Anniversary, a handful of talented, awesome and lovely comic bloggers drew their own version of Natsuko and me!!! Do check them out below!

By Ras Koh from Zouzoualien
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

by Comics for everyone
(Facebook Page and Official site)

By Estee from ImBulat a.k.a MsBulat
(Official Site)

By Wai Kit from Bolehland.net
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

By 冥狼星 殒落 
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

by Jian Goh from Miao&WafuPafu
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

By CheeChing from CheeChingy
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

By Kim Hang from PekChekKia
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

Really thank you for all of your artworks and It really made me smile, thank you sooo muchie! 

If you ever wondered....why update today? As advised by the feng shui masters....I must celebrate it from January 11th till February 24th for longevity, well I don't know if you believe that but well, 8 means wealth in the Chinese belief so yea....HUATTT ARRR~ XD

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Thank you and happy Feb 1st! 

Kendy Kun

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