Happy Harvest Festival 2013!

Harvest festival is finally here!! Yeah...but I am not having my holidays at the moment because I am currently at west Malaysia. It's Kaamatan Festival (30 and 31st May) for Sabah and Gawai Dayak Festival (1st and 2nd June) at Sarawak and m so gonna miss this event again! >.<

To celebrate this awesome festival, here is one collaboration with some notable Malaysian Comic Bloggers from East Malaysia wishing all Malaysians especially from Sabah and Sarawak Kotobian Tadao Tagazo Do Kaamatan and Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai!!! p.s.... I miss Tapai/Lihing/Tuak sooo muchie!

Hope you guys like it! This image is currently in 1920x1080 resolution. If you wish to have this wallpaper in other resolutions, you can message me! :)

Special thanks from:
Miao and Wafu Pafu (Sarawak)
Pek Chek Kia (Sarawak)
Theeggyolks (Sarawak)
Munya Munya (Sabah)

Can you notice Natsuko and myself in there?

Anyways....Araiiimatehhh! :3

For your info:
Lihing/Tapai- The kadazandusun version of rice wine
Tuak - The Iban version of rice wine