No internet reactions~

Ever wonder how you react when your internet suddenly cuts off? were a few ...which one are you? :P
  1. The Complainer - The one who directs complains to the ISP and wants a direct solution
  2. The Curser- The one who shouts, curses and xxx everything....from internet to LAN cable...
  3. The refresher - The one who still don't believe and tries to refresh as many times as he/she can
  4. The reporter - Reports the incident via social networking through mobile device with a 3G/4G network..
  5. The Panic-ker- panics once there is not internet....don't know what to do when he/she faces the "real world"
  6. The Drama king/queen - Doesn't care about it, continues watching drama when this incident happens...might repeat 3-4 times.
Can you guess which is me? :P

Kendy Kun

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