Back in time~ Annual Dinner Experience!

Good morning everyone! How was your weekends? Well, mine is awesome!
Last Saturday I attended my company's Annual Dinner! The theme for this year's annual dinner is "Back in time" but....I didn't managed to get a real 60's or 70's costume so I just wear a hat....yes, that hat, I mean the one that attracts cats and I go meow meow. Saw many colleagues and friends with their funky, awesome, groovy costumes!

Arrived around 5:30pm, well....kinda early for me to arrive huh?

Registered and got one Power Bank (Finally can charge all my devices) as the door gift! How awesome is that? XD 

And so I mingled around and meet new people from different divisions~

Once inside the ballroom.....I felt like....Oh yeahhh, looks likeeeee I am attending a concert!

The whole like eat I took some photos with some awesome peepos~
(Note: I only put a few~ Teehee!)

Then here comes...the most awaiting's dancing time!

And we dance.....
**Censored Pics**
Hehehe! Truth is , had so much fun until didn't took the photos~ But what I remembered after the dance is....MY LEG IS SO SUPER PAINFUL (Dunno how I got it)!!!

Overall it's an awesome experience dining with awesome people!
This Group photo credits goes to Sri! Thanks for this awesome pic!

Have a great week ahead!