Special post : Celebrating 9 years in style!

On 11th January 2014, house88kend turned 9

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my photography, artwork, films and most of all, my doodles and comic works

Updated- 9th Anniversary Party - Held on April 12th, 2014 , Photos HERE.

To commemorate this 9th Anniversary, a handful of talented, awesome and lovely comic doodle/bloggers drew their own version of Natsuko and me with them! Do check them out below!

Honestly, this made me laugh! He is one awesome bro! Once you see this, you will remember it forever.... 

by Ernest from Bro dont be like that la bro..
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

Now this is interesting! It's like Natsuko has been created by me to be a weapon of mass destruction! Time to take on the world! 

by Jian Goh from Miao & WafuPafu
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

 Awwww, I first saw her drawings were cute when she drew the whale, now I have a big Doraemon from her! :3

By Ras Koh from Zouzoualien
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

Now now, am I really cute with wings? Well, thanks to Comics for everyone, now you can see!
 by Comics for everyone
(Facebook Page and Official site)
Cuteness overload! I always smile when she draws me her doodles! Really cute and nice!

By Estee from ImBulat a.k.a MsBulat
(Official Site)

I like the way he illustrates and shows the meaning of the number "9" in his cute doodle! 

 By 冥狼星 殒落 
(Facebook Page and Official Site)

This is a surprise! Eric's blog shares the same anniversary date! Really love his illustrations!

 By Eric Leeh
(Official Site)

Really thank you for all of your artworks and It really made me smile, thank you sooo muchie! 

(Spot Kendy, Natsuko and Kuma the Dragon!)


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