6 annoying questions during CNY

As we all know, family gatherings are super duper awesomely exciting especially during the festive seasons. This is when you reunite with relatives whom you’ve not met in a while and receives Red Packets. What may seem like a time to catch up with love ones can turn into an avenue for relatives to question their nieces and nephews about everything in their lives and this means questions from your love life to your working life and down to the way you dress!

Other famous questions that you might / might not countered before:
- Graphic Design? What can you do with that degree?
- I saw a girl/boy always next to you at Facebook, Is that your boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Why did you choose such a color for your hair?
- Did you brought a car? What car you are driving now?
- Planning to buy a house anytime soon?


Any other questions you have heard before? Well I would love to heard from you all!

Last but not least....

Stress mode onz (>.<)!


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