Leveled up!

Good evening everyone! Hope everyone is doing well~

Have you ever wondered how scary the internet / social networking could be? Well, this just happened a few days back when my friends and family suddenly congratulate me with an eerie smile and yes, I was being fooled because that time my Instagram was reaching the 1k hit but it turns out to be something else....
read on...

Yes....of sudden 5 famous porn sites followed me on twitter! And even my dad whatsapp me about that (Yes....my Dad is tech savvy...and he has a Facebook account too)!

So what really happened? Well...some of my friends used one of their account, followed me and yes...just to play a prank on me, but they didn't realized that it attracted other sites to follow me!

Anyways, if you wanna know more, just head on and follow my Twitter but please...i beg you guys....not to play pranks on me!  (I really hope I could because I am getting famous yeah!)

Anyways have an awesome week ahead!

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