Selfie (part 2)

Hello Wednesday everyone...before I start today's comic, I would like to share my deepest condolence over the lost of will always be remembered forever :'(


Today's comic was actually to be posted last Friday, but due to my Fever it has been delayed till today!

This time is about Selfie again! (Read the first part HERE).....well not much about selfie...but more about food! Sometimes people just tend to take photos before eating....and some tend to forget that there is another person next to you for about 20 minutes or so! Well read on~

This comic features Nana Eddy! She once told me that her dad explained to her that people who do selfie is very it means that people who took photos of their own foods is also selling fish....right?....especially fish dishes...right? 

Anyways, she is a fun and loving person, you should visit her Blog HERE!

So what happened to her since I am sooo in love with food?
well she took her own selfie then~ 

Have a nice day!


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