Earth Hour 2014 @ Penang!

Blessed Good Friday everyone! 

Sorry for the recent delay of the comics, I have been busying rushing my full time work as well as some freelance works, but hey, today is Friday! Time for a short update!

Today's blog post is about a trip last month to attend Earth Hour!

WWF Malaysia organized the 2014 Earth Hour Night Walk!

Another reason for me to go is I am supporting the awesome 2014 Earth Hour Tee designed by our local artist Jian

So let's go straight to the story~

Before leaving to Penang, I drew a quick doodle....

It was a long journey I the car lols XD

but I woke up to witness the NEW second bridge to the island! And it's super long!!!

After reaching Georgetown and went to eat, and I drew something and take a pic :) Nice? hehe
so the time has come !

 The stage, pretty nice

And then we still have 40 minutes to go, let's have some performance~

Drum performance

And after that, everyone gathered at Georgetown  Town Hall to witness the lights turned off!

And we are all set to walk! 
The event was crowded with people who supported the event!
The event was crowded with people who supported the event!WOAHHH sooo many people!!!!

 As the journey begins, I manage to snap a photo of this lovely candle display of the 60+

So here is the map~ started from the town hall area...
But that rains....

and yes I got wet, but it never stopped me from walking!

After the tiring wet walk, more performances awaits!

And yes, I love the samba and reggae music performances! not to forget the Jazz festival is coming! XD

Overall I had a great time there and I won a tee from answering a question! XD 

Last but not least,

A pic with Lim Guan Eng, Chief minister of Penang! XD

I was over too tired that day, but it was worth the journey!

Anyways, I shall end my quick blog update today, have a blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter Sunday!

(Lame teaser) Pssst, next week there will a comic featuring Miao&WafuPafu by Jian Goh! Stay tuned!


Oh ya, I’m finally taking the challenge on WWWOW Awards!!

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Thank youuuuu sooo muchie!!

Kendy :3

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