Special Post: MeiTzeu

Tadaaaa~! Today I am gonna intro a friend who blogs about travel......food.... & lifestyle.

and yes...I really mean..

Travel..food....and lifestyle


Because she literally bring me to one of Sabah's awesome islands!

See? Like it right? hehe~

So here's more about her!

What's your name? 

Which part of Sabah you are from? 
I'm a city girl! Kota Kinabalu City!

What's your fav food at Sabah? 
There's plenty of food I love, but local delicacies would be Hinava!

What's your fav place to visit at Sabah?
Gaya Street, where KK first start with two rows of shops.

What is your work/profession?
I'm a chartered secretary. 

What is you your blog name called?

(Click to enlarge)

What do you do/ blog about? 
Travel, food, Sabah. lifestyle.

So....still not convinced? Well, she is a notable travel blogger and she has lots of interesting posts about her travels. If you are interested to know more, Do....visit her Facebook. Or just follow her live updates at Twitter. Still unsatisfactory? You even take a look and support her by following her at Instagram!

And yes, she kidnap me with her - check out her Instagram! XD

(Link to original post @ Instagram : http://instagram.com/p/oKdiefReTV)

Anyways, I am glad to meet her, so next time if you are planning on a trip, you can always ask her! And before I end this post...here's a chibi of her! XD

cheers!! XD


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