Special Post: Caroline Ng

It's another Hello Sabah featured blogger! Let's welcome Caroline Ng !
(Taken from Eric's Blog - http://ericleeh.com/happy-birthday-caroline/)

 I met her through Eric Leeh, as he was one of the comic bloggers group. We first met around February 2012 at Mid Valley, that time I didn't knew she was from Sabah until Eric mentioned to me! She's super active, very interesting and fun person! She was also part of the Butterfly Project Malaysia  , a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers :)

Okay, let me introduce her~

What's your name?
Caroline Ng May Ling

Which part of Sabah you are from?
I was born in Labuan, but moved to KK since I was 5. 

What's your fav food at Sabah?
Fresh seafood! Oh, there's one traditional dish we called it as "hinava", love that too! xD

What's your fav place to visit at Sabah?
The beach, the island, the cultural village! :D

What is your work/profession ?
I am a Content Researcher cum social media 

What is your blog?
My Stories

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What do you do/ blog about?
Lifestyle, it's more about sharing my life's events, things I love and places I traveled to.

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So If you wanna know more about her, follow her at her social networks!
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/carolinemayling
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carolinemayling
Instagram: http://instagram.com/carolinemayling
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CarolineNgMayLing/
Dayre: dayre.me/carolinemayling

Thank you Caroline for you time!! So before I end this post, here's a chibi of you !



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