Exclusive Preview of Symphony Lake Suite @ KLCC

The Symphony Lake Suite @ KLCC is Kuala Lumpur's Premier Event Space and I very grateful to be able to be invited to attend this prestigious event! 

Love my hair?
 This prestigious first-of-its-kind bespoke venue is the perfect spot for any event to create a stunning and memorial hit!
The space is really spacious and it depends on your need :)
Macaroons! I love it!

You can host various events, from sport cars show to performances

Look at the crowd! It can fit more than 500 visitors!

 The event space at the left and the symphony lake to the right.
 Awesome view of the event place!
 The light's can be customized and this light setting (Photo above) was for the fashion show!

 Fashion Show models group photo!
This area is suitable for wine testing area or host events related to chit chatting area....you name it!
 Overlooking the view outside! Stunning rainbow fountain displays!
I really had a great time and finally before the event ends, lemme take a group photo!
 Finally a group photo with the  Dato! It was a pleasant and great night~

And yes, while leaving the event, I took this photo...

The event hall is next to the Symphony Lake and has the stunning view of the Iconic Twin Towers. lovely isn't it?
It was one of the best event I ever attended especially when it is overlooking the Twin Towers and the rainbow colored fountain at the symphony lake!

To get there...

Here is the Location Map:
It's so near right?

If you are keen in know more or wanted to organize an event, you may contact :

Symphony Lake Suite @ KLCC
Tel : +603 77104299
Email : marketing@symphonylakesuite.com.my



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