Special Post: Foodiotkk

So you are visiting Sabah.....and you are feeling hungry and you don't know where to eat...
Wait no more! Because I have a solution for you, I will cook for you and intro one blogger friend!

The owner of the blog is Frankie and he blogs mostly about the food at Sabah! About 90% of it! XD

Yes that's him!

He travels a lot to many parts of Sabah and tries different cuisines in Sabah including the famous satay at my hometowm Sipitang! He was also appeared at NTV7's Foodie Blogger Season 2 where he brings TV host Ernest Chang to try out good food! If you would love to know more about him, visit his blog!! Lots of photos below~ so scroll down...

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You may want to look for his link already, so here it is!

wokeh, before I end this post, here's a chibi version!

Yeah !



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