Special Post: Leanna Chong

So today I am gonna feature a friend! 
The story goes like this~ One day someone share one of her pic at Facebook. Her photos was sooo awesome and I asked around to look for he owner of the photo (and it took me almost 2 years looking for  her) 
One day my dad mentioned her to me and he showed me the photo.....and then I was shocked! She actually lives nearby my house and the photographer was non other than Leanna Chong!

Okay I shall not delay further, let her photos amaze you~

All these photos were captured at Sabah.

(Photos: Sipitang Esplanade, Semporna, Mount Kinabalu, Merintaman Beach)
Photos courtesy of Leanna Chong

Here's a brief about her~ 

What's your name?
Leanna Chong 

Which part of Sabah you are from?
Sipitang , Sabah 

What's your favorite food at Sabah?
NGAU CHAP !!!!!!!  Paling SEDAP tu GIA !!!!! 

(Ngau Chap - literally means “Mixed Beef”, which is a mix of beef and its organs such as stew meat, meat ball, tendon, liver, heart, tripe, intestine, tongue, spleen and omasum, usually served with noodles in thick beef broth.)

What's your favorite place to visit at Sabah?
too many leh ,,,, from sea to mountain . sabah is a very diversity  place where u have sea,  mountains , and ALL OF them are my fav :) 
- in term of sea . it has to be island hopping  among the island around semporna , or chilling on the foothill of mt  Kinabalu  at Nabalu :)  or simply enjoying kk city scape at KK observation deck . and sometimes having satay and enjoying free flow of sunset in my hometown in Sipitang . 

What is your work/profession 
I am a Mechanical Engineer

What is the name of your blog?

(click to enlarge)

and this is my humble blog where I post mostly of my art work , pictures of places I travel and people and mean while 
https://bahjalan.wordpress.com is where I posted about travel tips ,  my random ramblings  

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What do you want to say to the readers?
Sabah is a very beautiful place with wonderful ppl and beautiful scenery lol

My comments:
She is very fun to be with, once you know her, she will amaze you with her skills! 
Do support this leng lui!!!! If you want know more about her, do visit her at:

Instagram : @leannachong
Twitter @leannachong

Before I end this post, here is a doodle of her~



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