Special Post: Beverly Tam

Today I am going to share someone special, she has been following my blog and was a fan of my works, but what's astonishing is she was actually a Blogger from Sabah!
Here you go!

Introducing Beverly Tam!!

What's your name?
My name is Beverly Tam. Everyone calls me Bev!

Which part of Sabah you are from?
I'm from Kota Kinabalu!

What's your fav food at Sabah?
My favourite food would be Hinava and drinks would be Teh C Ping (Iced Milk Tea).

What's your fav place to visit at Sabah?
Well I wanted to say the islands in my own hometown which is Pulau Manukan,Sapi and Mamutik! Beautiful islands with clear blue water and pretty corals!

In case I can't pick KK itself,
my 2nd favourite place would be Sandakan because of its beautiful island, Pulau Berhala!
I am a full time rock climber and Pulau Berhala is one of my favourite place to visit and to climb as well!

What is your work/profession / name of your blog?
Wow! Actually I do a lot of things. Firstly, I am working as a Sales Executive in my mum's company. I am also a freelance event organiser & photographer. Not forgetting full time blogger too! The most important part about me is I am a full time athlete. I'm really active in sports and my main sport would be rock climbing followed by running and crossfit with some MMA/Muay Thai background as well. My blog is called Take Another Step (http://www.symbolic-words.blogspot.com).
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What do you do/ blog about?
Basically, my blog is a lifestyle blog. I blog mostly about everything from food to travel, product reviews, DIY tutorials, my doodles, giveaways, my rock climbing trips as well as marathons and photoshoots. I basically blog about what inspires me most and what I love!

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So now you have it, the awesome and active (apparently an awesome rock climber) Beverly Tam! 
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If you wish to keep in touch with her, you can ...... drum rolls....

Add her at Facebook ! Or follow her tweets at Twitter . And if you wanna check out her daily life in photos, well Instagram is the place for her!

Still not enough? Well she is also in these platforms! Common, Search for her! :3
Google + : Im hardly on Google + but just search for Beverly Tam
Tribesport : http://tribesports.com/home (Search for Beverly T)
Pinterest : http://www.pinterest.com/mikayuki

So before I end the post here is a chibi version of Beverly Tam! XD



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