Kendylife at DIGI WWWOW IFA Awards 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's a quick and short post for the day~
It was last Friday when the Grand Finale of the DIGI WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2014 which is held at Zebra Square. If you missed it i am actually one of the top 10 finalists in the content category. So...hours before the event, I made this ...

After I arrived at Zebra Square, the place is filled with talented people!

and yes I met lotsa people, more PHOTOS below (Also do like my FB page!~) !

Post by House88kend's Art. Design. Photography.

The event was fun (and it's kinda hot that day, I sweat a lot!) and I met lots of awesome friends! Although I didn't won the grand prize but I got something far more valuable as be able to make new friends, learn valuable experience and more chances of collaborations and crossovers! I am glad to be one of the Top 10 finalists and also the first batch to be able to be within one of the 3 main categories and also it's my first time! I will try harder next year! :D

Also special Thanks Nana, Christy and Neo for coming all the way to support me!

and .......
to everyone (readers, fans, friends, supporters, cats, art enthusiast, doodle lovers, dragons, football kaki's etc etc...) who keep believing in me!



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