Special Post: Diana Diane Teo

Good morning! Hope the Monday Blues is not that bad! Anyways, I would like to introduce a decent friend of mine, her name is Diana, take a look as she loves to travel a lot!

What's your name?
Diana Diane Teo

Which part of Sabah I am from: 
Kota Kinabalu

Favourite food at Sabah: 
Meat egg rolls aka Hakka Chun Ken

Favourite place to visit: 
Islands and Sutera Harbour

Account & Finance Executive

Name of my blog: 

My blog is mainly about travel and tourism. So far, I'd been to 28 countries and more than 100 cities. That's why I have two jobs at a time to fund for my travels. 

I don't have Facebook page and my own personal Facebook is private but my twitter and Instagram is public. 

Twitter: dtdianateo
Instagram: dtdianateo

So before I end with a chibi of her, I have a confession to make, let's travel together! XD

Anyways enjoy!


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