Tune Hotel @ KLIA 2, the experience

Some of you might know about KLIA 2, it's the newly opened 2nd International Airport after KLIA. Now all Air Asia flights were shifted from LCCT (Yeah you can now have bigger and awesome airport!) to there and the nearest Hotel you can get to is Tune Hotel! Here's my experience! Read on~

From the airport to the hotel is kinda near, it is connected via a linked bridge and you will have no problem going there with your heavy ,big luggage during the rainy days at Malaysia. 

So after checkin in, it's time to head over to my room! Tune Hotel @ KLIA 2 offers card system where you can touch in to enter your room~ 

So here it goes~ cheng cheng cheng!~

Well well well, the room is very nice and comfy!

The bathroom is not too big, not to small and it's just perfect!

 So before attending the party...here is what I wear~

The open space is huge! And it's pretty awesome to held a function in the middle of it!

So I took lots of selfie and met lots of awesome new friends, all the photos can be found at my 
PAGE Album

After the party, I went to visit KLIA 2 and took a visit ...

I didn't managed to visit the whole airport because it's very BIG!! Wait....is it a Mall or an Airport? Well I would love to visit there again one day! *Planning my next trip naw* . Overall it was an awesome experience there! For travelers and visitors to Malaysia, do enjoy your stay at Tune Hotel @ KLIA 2 and I believe you will have a nice time as I do!

Till then~


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