It's #icebucketchallenge time!

Hello Monday! It's been a wet morning today at the Klang Valley!

And it's a good time to post the #IceBucketChallenge! Originally I am being  tagged by one of my friends and i guess that most of you have been seeing lots of people doing this on Facebook and Youtube, so what exactly is this? ! The Ice Bucket Challenge is actually related to a campaign and this campaign's main aim is to spread the awareness for Lou Gehrig Disease.

Here's a comic which I originally share it at my Facebook page:

Click HERE to view the original post at Facebook

I have also donated to the ALS Organization 
(Not much but i hope it can help a little in the research).

So do you part as well, to help people in need :)

Visit for more info!

Cheers and have a nice week ahead!


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