Malaysian food : This is how we KIRA

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I bet it was fun! Anyways, sorry for the absence...I was just back from my hometown and it also marks the end of my first half  #kendytravels ! Hurrayyy! M gonna blog it pretty soon!

My country is a place where you can meet different cultures and different people....and it also means lotsa delicious food! But to be able to enjoy these awesome foods at Malaysia, first you must understand how we collect payment (And we really take this seriously....#macamyestapibukan)! and I have illustrated a simple comic guidelines below for your reference....

'Kira" - Meaning counting in the Malay language.
Note: this is based on a famous joke which was told several times

Drawing this really makes me hungry! 

Food is essential in my country and we don;t take it lightly therefore be prepared if you were to visit Malaysia! My recommendations is to bring along a Malaysian friend who LOVE food! 

Anyways, have an awesome week ahead!

Upcoming comic: Kendy Travels!

before I end this post, do....


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