10 Stupid Things People Believe About Artists/Designers

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! I bet everyone is wondering what's happening to my lack of updates on my blog these few weeks....again.....well....I had been busying travelling and rushing some tasks for my clients for the past few weeks (From events, art show, talks to weddings). It's Tiring but fun!

Anyways, these few years I have meet new artists, and gain lots of experience as a freelance doodler/comic artist. Recently I have collected a few things which people think about us.....so I have compiled 10 Things People Believe About Artists/Designers.

Working as an artist/designer is great fun and is also very creative job. But often people do have misconceptions regarding them. Read on :)

It's just a simple pencil or a Wacom – 
We may use a pencil or a wacom....but it’s about visualizing The/Your idea before its made, it’s about planning and thinking, it’s about getting the idea right, it’s about choosing the type of art and media tools and everything else that you couldn’t imagine. Also, our tools does not fall from the sky just like that.

Can you design/draw something like..... –
We have our style of drawing/designing, PLEASE don't compare our styles with anyone else.

Friends Will Work for Free –
No they won’t. They have invested a lot of money and TIME. Where are they going to get it back from?

Better Tools Makes Better Art Piece –
No. We need Ideas, Skills, and Experience to grow. Even a simple pencil can draw something outstanding.

You designers/artists are just too slow! You should be professional enough to be fast–
Rome is not build in one day, so does Kuala Lumpur and artists like us. We need to eat, take a breath and sometimes, rest to get more inspirations. So please be considerate!

Great Designs and Artwork, Are you using Photoshop? –
For the Artists: Most professionals get most of the work done straight. Many are actually very good at it before they get anywhere near a computer to digitize it.

For the Designers: They spend most of the time planning on paper or drafting even before they get to the computer.

That is what makes them good at their craft. That is why they study. That is why they practice. And mind you, Photoshop is not the only editing software!

Anonymous Can provide better Than You – 
Every good artists has his own style and work process. What you think is good may be worst for others. Its a very subjective thing which depends on visual taste of an individual. Well Anonymous may be better, but in comparison with your visual taste for others.

Discounts and More Discount –
Discounts is okay at times! But there is always a limit.

I Know a Guy Who Can Do It Much Cheaper –
Yes, yes, everybody knows a friend of a friend who can do the job for a third of the cost. The kicker is that art is not much appreciated in some countries and it's hard for people like us to survive. If you’re happy enough to risk it by paying cheap, then go for it. Just don’t use it as a cheap bargaining ploy when you’re talking to a professional.

I Can Draw/Design Better Than You If I Draw/Design Regularly -
Well then who stops you? Get started already, go draw/design and create your own piece. If you can really do better then you really should be doing it.

Hope this actually helps, it was what I felt so no offence folks! :)

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