5 types of Food Bloggers

Hello everyone! It's Monday! Hope you are doing great! 

Are you a food blogger? If yes, can you identify which type of food blogger are you?

So food bloggers, which one is you? 

To all my readers~ honestly, food bloggers are awesome and because of their blog updates! Without them, I might didn't realized that there is a restaurant nearby my place!

So I would like to thank all the food blogger that make our life more awesome (No food no life)!

But still...where to eat ah? XD

So, if you are new to the particular area and wanted to know what to eat, I have a list of a few awesome food bloggers which you may want to take a look!

Foodiotkk (Sabah)
Thanis Lim (Brunei)
Malaysia Cuisine Food Review
Reload Food
A Whiff of Lemongrass
Cumi & Ciki
Eat Drink KL
Food Point of Interest
Fried Chillies
Johor Kaki
Ken Hunts Food
Rasa MalaysiaSeleramalaysia.com
Sui Tua Pui
Tummies Growl
The Yum List

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone! If you are a food blogger and wanted to be in the list, do PM me! :D


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