[Special post] 20 facts about me

Yes, the title says it, it has gone viral!! My Instagram was  tagged by the awesome @susan_desperado ! This post is not exactly a comic :P

So here's mine! Mostly I will be posting facts about kendylife :)

1. When I am drunk, I will doodle till I sleep, so keep the pens away from me!
2. I have a huge collection of Doraemon. (Well, not many guys does that)
3. I never traveled to the northern hemisphere before. (Till date)
4. During my free time, I often stay at home doodling, composing songs or play my guitar/ukulele.
5. I never traveled with a group of friends before
6. I love to stay in the cafe listening to the music while drinking coffee/ tea.
7. My fan page was originally created by a fan girl from Japan before passing the ownership to me!
8. Most of my fans were from overseas - Vietnam being the highest and Malaysia the 5th.
9. I love to swim but many people taught I can't swim due to my appearance.
10. My drawings, doodles, designs, composing , photography, video taking were all self taught
11. I used to join the church choir (I can sing hehe)
12. I never get bored of the games I played (Example: Ragnarok Online)
13. I love Japanese food especially miso soup!
14. I left my house when I am 11 years old.
15. At times I cry at night (Seeing my crush being in love with another person)
16. My webcomic blog is created in the city of Melbourne, Australia on the year 2010.
17. I love to make my room and surroundings as romantic as possible, maybe that makes me feel comfortable
18. I love to plan random stuffs, because I believe that planning is better than no plans.
19. I love to be together in groups. I felt demotivated if I am alone. (Call me out!)
20. I love to observe people! If you notice I bring along a camera, your chances being captured by me is there!

so here you go! 20 facts! Well, I hope this helps!

So before I end this post

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So I am posting this in advance to wish everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


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