A better future for Pitas Road

How to help?
Kindly contact the community directly by email pgks7@yahoo.com.my or visit the Official Facebook page and PM the community's Facebook

How much you should donate?
It depends on how much you would like to contribute (No limit) but here's some info of how much they need.

They are looking to source at least RM85,000.00 to build a 7.5km basic “jeep road”. The more they collect, the better the road will be :)

Not enough funds to donate?
No worries, you can just share this post to the social media or tweet about them with the hashtag #PitasRoad. Please help us in any way you can! :)

Once again, thank you for spending your Sunday to read this! 
We can make the difference!

Terima kasih  – 谢谢 - Thank you – Pounsikou –  Kotohuadan

Kendy & the Pitas Road Community

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