How to block FB Games in 3 simple steps!

I bet you might be looking on ways to block it (Like the recent pirate king game app)! 
So due to most of my fan's  and friends request, here it is!

There is ONLY one 1 BIG step
The other 2 steps is just to make sure you completely block t! XD

Here it goes!

Still unsure is the game completely block or not? 

So where is the 3rd step?

Note: Once you have done 2 of the steps above, 
now you can this poster here on your wall haha~ 

Post by House88kend's Art. Design. Photography.

Anyways, I hope this post really helps!

For your information, it is yet to be revealed that the mobile version can block these apps but all of these is doable at the desktop or PC versions.

Do PM me if you have other ways to block it and cheers!


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