Happy New Year 2015!

Hi guys!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for my absentees for the past few weeks as I am preparing for my surgery soon  (I will be slow in replying your messages or respond to any comments for at least 2-3 months...but no worries, I will keep an eye from time to time!) and recent flash flood incident at Sipitang. Therefore this post is not exactly a comic and I don't normally post about myself except in comics so you might need to spare a few minutes reading my boring post! XD

The Year 2014 had been a special year for me in #kendylife, it is also a year where many incidents happened to my country (Sad ones.....) but hopefully 2015 will be a turning point!

Here is my resolution for 2014

 - Publish my own comic book (FAILED due to my work and got sick...trying harder  to complete it by THIS YEAR)
 - Publish my own Zine (SUCCESS!) ---> CHECK IT OUT 
 - Kendylife on newspapers (SUCCESS!)
 - Give at least 1 talk about #kendylife (SUCCESS!)
 - Give workshops to children (SUCCESS!)
 - Buy a new, powerful PC (SUCCESS!)
 - Get a Girlfriend - which made me even more sweeter than Candy...joking (SUCCESS!)
 - Get my own domain (SUCCESS!)
 - Travel at least to 1 country (SUCCESS!)
 - Won at least 1 in any designing or doodling competition (SUCCESS!)
 - Facebook fanpage reach 10k by this year (SUCCESS!)
 - Be a part of the Tapastic Creators program (FAILED, TRYING THIS YEAR)
 - Met awesome and renowned speakers  (SUCCESS!)

This year I also have many special events which happened:
 - Got to collab with local as well as International artists!
 - Met lots of new and old bloggers
 - Met the Sabahan bloggers!
 - Met lots of awesome artists from different background and different talents!
 - Entered top 10 in the Digi WWWOW Awards!
 - Opened my very first boot (Okay, now I feel how hard it is...)

There were lots more but I couldn't recall all of them, but nevertheless thank to all of you who supported me! Well then....hope I can slim down this year! :P

Here is what I hope to achieve this year!

 - Traveling (Taiwan , Japan...)
 - Take memorable pics with my GF :)
 - Slim down
 - Collaborate with artists and join a collab work!
 - Get into Tapastic program!
 - Able to get my very full first mobile app!
 - Kendy E-market!

and the list goes on...

Anyways, here were some awesome photos taken at 2014....it's not all but it's one of the best! Check the rest at my PAGE!

Photos with femes app maker and potocee! XD

Reunion and friends meet and greet with KKMS friends

Awesome warp up at the Sabah Art Gallery!

Gave a talk to the Anime Club at UCSI University

Proud to take a pic with the Doodle Sports event members!

With Kakao Talk awesome people~

UCSI Gathering

With Femes Food Blogger from Brunei, Thanis Lim!

Jinny Boy! After meeting him, I realized the world is even bigger!

Doodling Workshop with Kendylife - At the popular mega book fest at Sabah

Sabahan Bloggers awesome group photos!

With Ernest and Cherane! Hoptlink OOHSOME Fest

With JQ Lee! :D
And many many more photos like these....

Once again wishing everyone a fruitful and a blessed New Year 2015!


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