Love between borders

Hey everyone, today I won't be updating any comics, but I will be sharing something special :)

It was 5 months ago, 
Despite I can stand out from the crowd but I was shy to express my feelings, but from that day, we begin our journey.

A journey of Love :)

Although apart from 2 different countries, but we are always connected, through our faith and believe.

To me.....It's a decision, not a joke. It's a judgement, not a game and It's a promise, not a child's play.

The time when I was going for surgery, her chat always enlightened me (Although sometimes she asks weird and strange questions :P)

Once I am well, let me bring you travel and say those different "I LOVE YOU's"

~Distance means so little when you means so much to me~

Happy Monthsary! 

To my beloved, 
Geraline ^^

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