3 things I like about Comic Fiesta 2015

So this year I had a chance to visit Comic Fiesta 2015, the biggest convention for Anime, Comics and Games in Malaysia! All thanks to Solomon Freeman a.k.a the Godfather of Japanese culture & my awesome buddy Spinzer (Christopher) for the experience! I managed to doodle something and took a pic (see below):
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Anyways, let's get to the main topic ~ Comic Fiesta happened last weekend, and it was an awesome blast! So here are 3 things I like about this year's comic fiesta!

1. Location 
Yup, this year's Comic Fiesta was held at MIECC (Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre) and to me, it was possibly one of the best locations so far. Although Day 1 was super jam and it is a bit further but still, it is still good. I can say there is a mall nearby (well, just next to it) which is the MINES mall and there are two nearby hotels to choose from.

I normally use public transport to CF, but MIECC wasn't as accessible as KLCC, but CF has made effort of have Grab Car for RM5 off (Which is good!) and KTM is just a short walk away (Serdang KTM Station) or catch the bus no 414 from the KTM station. Not top forget that there is a water taxi that will fetch you straight to the Mines!

2. We can enjoy food from food vendors! There is a Maid Cafe as well!

For the first time ever (For me), I can now visit the food vendors located upstairs (Mezzanine Floor) and grab a bite before I continue to explore Comic Fiesta! To my understanding, in the previous CFs, it wasn't common to have actual food inside the hall but this time I can see booths like Thyme Out, Sakae Sushi and many more! And not forgetting to mention La Petite Fox which had it's own room!

3. Spacious
Besides the eating area at the Mezzanine area, I really can't deny that the hall is very very VERY spacious! It can even host 2 stages! There is even more at the 2nd floor, we have 2 panel halls and....a photography area! How cool is that?

So I attended one of the panel which is the awesome I.O.E.A panel where I got to know the origin of Otaku Culture and Japanese Pop culture!

In the end...
Well, this year's CF was an eye opening for me,. After meeting Solomon, he even suggest me to open a booth (Which I missed that chance lol), but hopefully I will have a chance to open a booth and promote #kendylife to achieve world peace (wink)!

Also I met some notable people, pro gamers, cosplayers and talented artists! Maybe next time I should cosplay as pikachu and walk around asking for more photos :P
Once again I would like to thank the organisers for bringing us another mind blowing, spectacular and awesome convention this year! 

How about you?  Do share your experience in the comments below.


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