Inside Social Grooves (Meet the Team)

It's been a week since I am officially in the office. 

Met these extraordinary people in the office and I am feeling very young and stylo whenever I'm around this bunch!

So firstly let me introduce the people in #TeamSG (Team Social Grooves)

The Great Christopher : Also known as the TECH guy, the founder of Social Grooves and my (Fill in the blanks, its must be positive) partner. Jess wishes that I changed those two phones into "$$" sign but obviously he's power lies within that two devices which I don't know what he is up to. And I totally agree with Jess :P

JessJie : Without her, the company literally can't function well (Sometimes I think she is Chris's ulti , something like a bodyguard in terms of silent strategist). She has that awesome powerful girl power which I gladly introduce her as once of the awesome girl for International women's day (True story). Her greatest ulti is the 2016MGONNAKILLYOUifyoumess withmeGun. No one dares to know what is that gun for, but trust me, don't even ask!

Sam: The Lin Dan lover. She works very hard (Sometimes a OT-holic, #macamyestapibukan) and YES, her ulti is teleportation. With that sign , she can literally go everywhere! Even nearer to her fav Lin Dan. She can even got her VVIP seats by just teleport there. Well, besides that she can also teleport to any places she wants.

Will: So he is the sorcerer of multimedia. He has the powers to make you leng zai or leng lui and VISE VERSA (you know what I mean). His ulti is "hopefully" the pen of everything, where he can create everything out nothing. If only he can create $$ then we can do more awesome jobs and hire people right? XD

The copywriter, our company must have one (You know lah, my En Ge LISH is the bad at times). She has the belt (so if you mess with her, combines with Sam's magic LD card and  Jess's gun) no one can stand a chance! If life is like a RPG game, she recently got a +10 happiness from Macdonalds (The tray of happiness)!

The lord of finances. Okay, he manages your finances and makes sure everyone is paid. So he has that ability to hold, stop or block any money flow. So his ulti obviously is , money XD

And there you have it! The social grooves team!

Glad to be working with these bunch!

More stories and more to come!
Go go Team SG!


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