The 10 years of #kendylife

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Time's already 10 years!

Back in those days, I never actually attended art classes or obtain any certs due to personal problems. Without any assistance, I learn this the hard and slow way.... But thanks to the internet and some loyal supporters, I managed to grow :')

Throughout the journey, I've been friends with many people, of different races and background. They're a pleasant company & I cherish these people like they're my awesome buddies & part of my big family.

Although my Facebook page is only 4 years old and this blog is 5 years old , it has became a vessel for me to share my passion, love & works!

And this, I thank you, everyone for your continuous support!

Let's grow together & we create more funny jokes here. The jokes and lame comics is the essence of this page anyway :)

To end this, here's my gratitude to thank you:

Thank you. cam on. merci. grazie. danke. salamat po. 谢谢. ขอบคุณ, ありがとう. 감사합니다. Terima Kasih. 


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