Happy 2012! Let The Battle Begin!

2011 was great and memorable!!!
BUT this massive, awesome, epic and great collaboration of the Malaysian Comic Bloggers is finally here!

NEW YEAR 2012!

In this pic: (Left) Doom Bringers (Right) Protectors of the Earth
Which side are you in? 
(p.s- Where is Natsuko?)

(Wallpaper available in 1366x768)

Featuring the list of Respective Comic bloggers including me!

The Doom Bringers (Left Side)
1. Ernest Ng (http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com) - Shadow Ninjas
2. Aujinz (http://aujinz.blogspot.com)
3. syuthekitteh (http://syuthekitteh.tumblr.com/)
4. Miss Morbids (http://missmorbids.net)
5. Miao&WafuPafu (http://akiraceo.com) - DragonMaster
6. UTAR Boy ( http://utarboy.blogspot.com )
7. Pauline Low (http://iknowyoudontgiveadamnaboutmylife.blogspot.com)
8. Robin (http://burungrobin.blogspot.com)

The Protector of Earth (Right Side)
1. Amin Aizuddin (http://amin-aizuddin.blogspot.com)
2.Egg & Yolk (http://theeggyolks.blogspot.com) - Eggatron
3. Munyamunya (http://charchillies.blogspot.com/)
4. Kendy's life a.k.a house88kend (http://kendylife.blogspot.com) - Flower Goddess
5. A Medical Student Life Told in Comics (http://www.mistersimpleton.blogspot.com)
6. cheeChingy (http://cheechingy.com) - PokemonMaster
7. Bolehland (http://bolehland.net)
8. SE ( http://syafeikaedora.blogspot.com)
9. Dorky Guy (http://dorkyguy.blogspot.com)
10. Kyoru (http://koudamainframe.blogspot.com)
11. SayaDoodle (http://sayadoodle.com)
12. Pek Chek Kia (http://pekchekkia.com)

Like what most people will say - 几够力一下!!

Wishing all fans, visitors, friends and family an awesome
RAWR-ing NEW YEAR 2012!!!

P/S: My First collaboration with all of the Malaysian comic bloggers, they were awesome, kind and nice people to be with! Hope to have more collaboration with them!