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Good Monday morning!!! 
Today I am going to introduce a new friend~ Her name is Ana Jonessy. I met her during the event at Tune hotels @ KLIA 2, she was so active and fun to be with! We had a short chat and I really hope we can collaborate together! 
What's your name?
Ana Jonessy

Which part of Sabah you are from?
Kampung Lok Bonu

What's your fav food at Sabah?
Oh mannnn, why d'you gotta ask me this?! (Me: Because I LOVE it~ mahahaha) Am I allowed to have multiple favorites? (Me: Once u said it YOU must bring me go makan OK? haha) Are we talking about native Sabahan foods? Hmm, my ultimate favorites include ambuyat, buras, yu chap, terung bakar with sambal lada or cili potong (roasted brinjaln with spicy condiment or chili in soy sauce), siput kima panggang (barbecued clam) with lime juice and chili in spy sauce, kelapa bakar (roasted coconut), brinjal omelet, deep fried bitter gourd and ulam nenas, timun dan bunga kantan (traditional pineapple salad with cucumber and ginger flower) and yu chap (fish in tomato and pickled veggie soup). I adopted the vegan lifestyle about 4-5 years ago though, but these are the good stuff. Slurrrrp! (Me: So the many! Okay I have decided to follow you to makan!)

What's your fav place to visit at Sabah?
Wildlife / nature in general. Not a big fan of man-made attractions.

Your profession/work/blog :
I was previously the chief editor for BandWidth Magazine but I've been blogging (kinda sorta) full time since a month ago. I'm also the tour manager for a local (upcoming) metal band, A Million Evil Faces. A couple of weeks ago I went for an interview at a tuition centre - I wanted to teach English - but the interviewer thought my hair is a little too green lol! Hmm... I think he wasn't particularly fond of my skinny jeans either.

What do you you blog about?
I blog at www.helloanajonessy.com - I have a special interest in festivals, (slam) poetry, travel and volunteer work. Those are the kinda junk you'll find at my blog. I take horrible selfies, so I photograph others and and I love collaging as well - I've got my favorites up at www.anajonessy.com

Photography & Design Portfolio: http://www.anajonessy.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/anaxjonessy
Instagram: @anaxjonessy

Twitter: @anajonessy

Hopefully when she wont notice the reply XD

Anyways, here's a chibi of her~ 


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